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Inspiration: Hand-sewn bags by Anna Graham

Another amazing handicraft blog I have found.. A blog by Anna Graham (noodle-head.com)! All her pics are like from fairytales — lovely, thought through and cute! I enjoyed the blog a lot and were inspired by it. As a mother of two young girls as well I myself found a great recognition and creative DIY ideas… But here I’ll specially want to share with you some of the nice ideas about her hand-sewn bags which I discovered in her blog.

Here you’ll find her “Bags,Wallets and Zips” tutorials.

Gallery via: Noodlehead,
(Handmade / pictured by Anna Graham)


Creative pet design ideas: Knitted clothes for cats & dogs

Do pets need clothes? Yes! Cats and small dogs also get cold and there is no harm to make a cute warm outfit for your pet. Cats & dogs are born equipped with their own fur layer, but some pets have to move and live with their owners in different, colder countries. Some pets (specially small dogs like for example Chihuahua’s!) have lighter layers of fur than others, and some are not genetically designed to the environments in which their owners live.

Here is a beautiful collection of hand knitted hats and sweaters that present great pet design ideas! Knitted hats and sweater are lighter than coats and jackets made of fabrics and faux fur, so your pets can wear these clothes at home when turn the heating system down.

Knitted clothes for cats and dogs

Knitted warm hats and clothes for dogs

Одежда для кошек и собак, творческих дизайнерских идей для домашних животных! Хочешь окружить своего питомца теплотой и заботой? Мягкие лежанки и домики,различные украшения порадуют вас и вашего любимца.

הנה בא החורף
הסוודר  שיחממו את הכלב שלכם
כלל לא בטוח שכלבים וחתולים צריכים את הקשקושים שבעליהם מרעיפים עליהם, אבל מה שלא מועיל לא מזיק. קבלו כמה מוצרים שיחממו את חיות המחמד.

חיות המחמד זקוקים לחום ואהבה. אהבה זה החלק שלכם, אבל בכל הנוגע לחום, וואלה! בעלי חיים נרתמת לעזרתכם. לפניכם כמה הצעות למוצרים ואקססוריז שישרתו נאמנה יכם גם בבית, אבל בעיקר כשאתם מוציאים אותם לטיול.