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Pre Passover visit to Synagogue and Yeladim Center

Very very soon is Passover (פֶּסַח) and I’m preparing!!! Matzah symbolizes faith! When our forefathers left Egypt, they were in such a hurry that there was no time to wait for the dough to rise. They therefore ate matzah, unleavened bread. With only this food (but with great faith), our ancestors relied on the Almighty to provide sustenance for the entire Jewish nation — men, women & children. Each year, to remember this, we eat matzah on the first two nights of Pesach, thereby fulfilling the Torah’s commandment, “Matzot shall you eat . . .”

Making matzah  is extremely complicated and virtually impossible to do properly at home – so I visited our lovely Synagogue (Таллинская синагога) today to get some. I had my daughters Estella Elisheva (7) and Ivanka Shoshana (5) with me and they were very excited after a long  cleaning morning at home to get some time to play. In Estonia (in Tallinn) we have a very nice (I believe the most beautiful Synagogue on the Earth!)  where is also very cool Sunday School complex and children area  — Yeladim Center. Children adore it! So before we returned home, we played there and I took some great pics.

This Passover let us rejoice not only in the redemption of the past, but also in the hope of the future! Happy Passover!

Ivanka ShoshanaEstella Elisheva, Ivanka ShoshanaEstella Elisheva, Ivanka ShoshanaIvanka ShoshanaEstella Elisheva, Ivanka ShoshanaEstella Elisheva, Ivanka ShoshanaEstella Elisheva, Ivanka Shoshana
Estella Elisheva, Ivanka ShoshanaEstella Elisheva, Ivanka ShoshanaEstella Elisheva, Ivanka ShoshanaEstella Elisheva, Ivanka ShoshanaEstella Elisheva, Ivanka ShoshanaEstella Elisheva, Ivanka ShoshanaEstella Elisheva, Ivanka Shoshana13.Nissan.5774 @ Yeladim Center
Photos: © Elisheva & Shoshana (אלישבע & שושנה)/ Helena-Reet Ennet

“Yeladim center” supports the healthy development of individuals, children, families, and communities through caring services infused with Jewish values to strengthen lives in our community. Visit also Yeladim Center Facebook page.


Easy Hanukkah crafts to make with kids

The following Hanukkah projects are super easy & fun for even the most craft-phobic of moms and require very little skills:

✡ Felt wreath
Wrap yarn around a floral wreath frame to create a “base,” then embellish with easy-to-make felt flowers.  Kids will love making their own Hanukkah wreath and hanging it outside to welcome guests.
Hanukkah wreath

✡ Paper top dreidels & Felt dreidel ornaments
Make a traditional spinning top out of everyday materials. With as few items as a toothpick, some glue and a strip of paper, friends and family will be twirling in no time. Print out DIY paper-dreidel  I made with Estella Elisheva for Tallinn Jewish School and Yeladim Center and color/decorate as desired! It’s easy and fun!

Homemade menorah/hanukkiah
Hanukkah is celebrated each year to share the story of a miracle and to rejoice in the Jewish faith. The candles that are lit throughout the eight days are held in a menorah. Families pass down these important objects from generation to generation as heirlooms…. But for a kids, nothing compares to the delight of using a hanukkiah that you made together.

✡ Here are some ideas for menorahs you can make with your kids:
a)Make an edible menora

b)Make a polymer clay (Sculpey) menora.  Check out some craft clay design books for ideas.

c)Make a dreidel menorah – Buy inexpensive wooden dreidels, remove the top handles and screw or glue metal candle cups on top of each one to simulate a handle.

d)Make a felt menora – if you have children too young to safely light a real menorah, create a felt one for them!

e)Create an outdoor tiki torch menorah – Tradition says that it is a mitzvah to advertise the miracle by making the menorah as visible as possible.  With that idea in mind, make a really big hanukkiah that sits on your front lawn without creating a fire hazard by using 9 ordinary tiki torches.

I also made one hanukkiah with Estella Elisheva. She took it at school with her. I’ll post the picture once it is back at home :)

✡ Chag Sameach!
Дорогие родители! Мы будем собирать на этой страничке интересные идею для творчества, различные задумки для поделок и информацию о том, как способствовать развитию талантов и умений малыша. Просим вас делиться результатами и хвастаться поделками!!!

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