Welcome to our life, welcome to “Elisheva & Shoshana”! “Elisheva & Shoshana” is a fashion label /trademart I made for my kids. Also “Elisheva & Shoshana”  (  is a blog written and illustrated by me and my two lovely daughters – Estella Elisheva (8) & Ivanka Shoshana (6) to  introduce and support the brand. We would love to hear from you! Please fill out this form and we will get in touch with you shortly.

//Nos encantaría conocer tu opinión. Por favor, cubre este formulario y en breve nos pondremos en contacto contigo. Por favor, cubre el formulario y envíanos cartas/dudas/sugerencias de colaboración. Solo en INGLÉS. ¡Gracias!// ______________________________________________

I am founder of many blogs and sites: a) OHMYGOSSIP SITES ( websites; magazines and blogs serving US, UK, Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Brazil etc.); Ohmygossip America ( @Ohmygossip_USA (Facebook: Ohmygossip Brazil ( @Ohmygossip_br Ohmygossip Estonia ( @Ohmygossip_ee (Facebook: Ohmygossip Sweden ( @Ohmygossip_se (Facebook: Ohmygossip Sweden) Ohmygossip Norway ( @Ohmygossip_no (Facebook: Ohmygossip Norway) Ohmygossip Denmark ( @Ohmygossip_dk Ohmygossip Finland ( @Ohmygossip_fi Ohmygossip Russia ( @Ohmygossip_ru b) OHMYGOSSIP MODELS — Models & Casting Agency; c) OHMYGOSSIP COUTURE — Accessories and fashion brand; Ohmygossip Couture ( @OhmygossipC (Facebook: Ohmygossip Couture) d) NORDENBLADET — the comprehensive business directory & internationally recognized leading channel of Nordic and Scandinavian information, news, media, entertainment, events and services. Serving Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Greenland and Åland. NordenBladet ( @NordenBladet (Facebook: e) ELISHEVA & SHOSHANA — Fashion brand (hand made knittings and embroidery) /Blog Elisheva & Shoshana (Facebook: Elisheva & Shoshana) ( @ElishevaShoshan f) LA-JEW — A comprehensive guide to Jewish people living in Los Angeles, CA. (Provides investigative and insightful news reporting related to Jewish issues & the best LA entertainment site – featuring: entertainment, celebs, photo galleries, famous Jewish, kosher dining, travel, shopping judaica, Jewish education, real estate, calendar of local events, newspapers, synagogues,…) ( @LA_Jew_com g) LA-EXCLUSIVE h) BLOGLIST24 is a FREE service for bloggers — directory & database. It aims to be a facilitator between small businesses, agencies, brands & start-ups looking for support with blogger outreach. Bloglist24 ( @Bloglist24 (Facebook: Bloglist24) Partnerships If you’re interested in partnering with Elisheva & Shoshana, please get in touch for a tailored quote. Thank you for visiting!


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